We are connecting consumers with a virtual business network of business offering superior products, processes, and services. We specialize in providing entrepreneurs and businesses with electronic commerce as a marketing channel to reach a global audience.

BeyondExcellence! SM Consultants is your necessary window to the web. Get out of the box and see your ideas fly farther than you dreamed. With our basic or advanced website management, development, and design experiences we can deliver you to a global audience.

Remember electronic commerce is the solution for entrepreneurs and businesses to compete in an outsourced, downward economic market. Don’t be left behind.

We specialize in connecting businesses with consumers to maximize business profits in local and global markets.

We are a full service web-design company providing design, development solutions, and much more for companies or individuals. In addition to those mentioned we have added a new  full service social networking element to our repertoire, which includes but is not limited to Facebook and Twitter designs along with their required development service processes.

We are experienced in creating website design and website development for small businesses, including but not limited to entertainment, real estate, product manufacturers, hotel travel sites, educational networking websites, ecommerce development, and custom web application projects.

We specialize in best-of-breed website design, ecommerce website development, corporate web-design, web applications, flash/multimedia developments, and graphic design; customized to client requirements.

If you would like service information, please call 650.400.8688 to arrange for a FREE consultation. Or contact Bri' Godfrey via eMail for detailed information on Social Networking with Facebook and Twitter.